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13074 Five Sideroad
L7G 4S5 Georgetown
Phone: 905-877-4363
Fax: 905-873-8995


Healthy Eating
Pineview would like to recognize Halton Food for Thought for their contribution to the Healthy Snack program. A bin of healthy non-perishable items are placed in every classroom allowing students access to food throughout the school day. Those that are hungry, those that forget a lunch, or those that didn't bring a healthy option are welcome to pick an item to maintain a balanced diet and stay better focused on their schoolwork throughout the day.

Medication/Life Threatening Allergies
Please remember we cannot dispense medication of any kind unless we have:
        1.  A signed authorization by the parent or guardian.
        2.  Signed directions from a qualified physician.
        3.  A properly labeled container.
The office has medication forms that must be completed by you and your physician prior to the administration of any prescribed medication by school personnel.  Also if your child has a life threatening allergy and the school is not aware, please contact the school immediately.

Bus Safety
We remind students of the importance of behaving appropriately on the buses.  Remaining seated, talking quietly, doing as they are asked are ways that they can help the bus driver concentrate.  Students are asked to go directly into the playground once they arrive in the morning.  Kindergarten students will be assigned “bus buddies”.  At the end of the day, all students are to line up to wait for their buses in the gym.  Parents are asked to not drive into the parking lot.

Playground Safety Hazards
Drawstrings on hoods, hats and jackets; mitten cords (placed around the neck on a string) and items can get caught on playground equipment and strangle a child.  ALWAYS take off, the tie up string, or tuck in cords and drawstrings on all clothing that can strangle a child.  They can also become snagged on school bus handrails or doors.  Please keep our children safe.